The people who are behind the making of are flattered in your interest with us. We have been receiving many questions regarding this site. For the convenience of many, we have collected all the frequently asked questions for your reference here at this tab. Keep reading! 

What is Miranda!? 

Miranda! is an Argentine Band that entered the music scene at the start of the new millennium. They gave a new introduction to the electropop music genre. The band is composed of 5 members who specialize on different instruments – Alejandro Sergi, Juliana Gattas, Lolo Fuentes, Bruno de Vicenti, and Nicolas Grimaldi.  

Is the official site for the band itself? 

No. is an online platform created for all the fans of the Miranda! Band. It is more of a fan site where you could get the latest update on the band’s schedules, tours, concerts, gigs, and other related news.  

Do I need to subscribe to access the site? 

No subscription needed. You can access every information we have even if you are just a guest on this site. You can read articles and other page content. You could even leave your comments here for us to address. 

What is the subscription for? 

We require individuals to subscribe only if they want to receive any news from us. This is done by those who do not want to get left behind on our updates here on the site. If you are also interested in accessing the community, you need to register before you can enter.  

What is the community for? 

This site built a community for Miranda! fans. All things related to the site and the band could be discussed here You could engage in a healthy debate and argument with other members of the community but we promote a harmonious relationship here so foul words are definitely a no-no. 

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