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This is a fan page made to deliver the latest news on your favorite Argentine band – Miranda!  

Are you a Miranda! fan? Do you experience the difficulty of looking for their scheduled tours online? Are you among those who had been a victim of scam and false news about this band? Do you want to stop being a victim? Then, Es Miranda Mi Amor is the solution to your problems. 


Es Miranda Mi Amor is a fan page made to give the latest and up-to-date information about this band to their followers. Now, with this site, you can now get the most credible news from their scheduled tours, and gigs near your place. Check out their most recent activities, their future projects, and what they are currently working on to entertain their fans. What are their vacation plans, and where can you catch them next? Know all these only here at the Es Miranda Mi Amor site.  

Only our writers could give you the most exclusive news about your Argentine idols. Only our weathered reporters could give you a real-time update on the issues they are facing. Only us could give you the sneak peek on the preparations being done for their shows. Only the people from Es Miranda Mi Amor could give you the VIP access to their most awaited shows.  

If your problems before include not being able to know the schedules of the Miranda!, now you can already plan ahead because we are going to give you updates even before they are released to the public. All you need to do is to drive away from that garage door opener in Tulsa, OK you have and get your tickets from the nearest ticket counters.  


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For the benefit of Miranda! fans, we came up with a community where everyone could communicate freely with each other. Discuss your interest with other fans like you worldwide and get to know new interesting information about your idols.  

Our community is strictly monitored by members of the Es Miranda Mi Amor site. Foul words are strictly prohibited. As much as possible we want to promote a healthy environment where Miranda! fans could interact with each other so individuals who think otherwise would be banned from the site. 


Our Online Store 

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